Cleaning and Routine Maintenance

We offer great value swimming pool cleaning in Abu Dhabi packages using expert, fully trained staff.
Swimming pool cleaning will keep your pool crystal clear, hygienic and safe.

AXON Swimming Trading Sole Proprietorship L.L.C provide our clients with highly trained and experienced pool cleaners using the latest equipment. We offer regular swimming pool cleaning services, as well as full deep clean and our experts can work on both indoor and outdoor pools.

We would recommend weekly cleaning of your swimming pool which would include tile and wall brushing, basket cleaning and vacuuming. Moreover, we will clean your pool filter on its own separate schedule, based on your pool’s filter type and size. Pool filters are fundamental pieces of equipment in regards to water quality, hygiene and maintaining a good chemical balance.

Furthermore, we can also clean spa rooms, hot tubs, steam and sauna rooms, and shower areas.

Why is it important to conduct professional swimming pool cleaning?
Effective, expert and regular swimming pool cleaning are crucial to keeping your pool in the best possible condition. Using a professional swimming pool cleaning company will ensure your pool safe to swim in for all the family sparkling and is kept hygienic and free of potentially harmful bacteria.

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