Axon Swimming Pools Team offers waterproofing installation. To ensure water leaks are dealt with, we use the right waterproof product that is suitable for the design of your building.

Failure of a waterproofing system can be costly to rectify. Water leaks can result in significant damage to the building and premises. The waterproofing elements of your project must be given as much consideration as the foundation of the structure. We as a waterproofing company deliver waterproofing solutions and services most efficiently and economically in Abu Dhabi. We have provided unmatched waterproofing solutions to homes and commercial buildings in Abu Dhabi.

Concrete Roof Waterproofing:
Concrete is known to be inherently weak in tension. The cracks and voids can form due to thermal expansion, contraction and shrinkage of the concrete. As a result, water will seep through the voids. Therefore, waterproofing is required to keep the roof water-tight since they are exposed to the weather.

Metal Roof Waterproofing:
We are specialize in all kinds of roof waterproofing, metal sheet roof waterproofing, sandwich panel waterproofing, roof skylight waterproofing as well as other areas that prove difficult when the application of the Roof waterproofing coating is desired.

Injection Waterproofing:
We specialize in Basement Waterproofing, elevator shafts, concrete tanks, earth pits, and swimming pools as well as other areas that prove difficult when the application of the concrete waterproofing coating is desired. Our experts will handle your injection problems and see to it that when the injection waterproofing is done, the waterproofing chemical will be spread evenly over the concrete, thereby putting a stop to leakages and moisture on the walls.