Circulation and filtration maintenance

Circulation is the process of drawing water from the pool through the suction line and forcing water back to the pool through the filter and pressure/return line. This is achieved with the use of a pool pump. The circulation system has a dramatic effect on the sanitation of a pool and water quality. When water is in motion, it’s harder for bacteria and algae to find a surface on which to grow and the chemicals are more thoroughly distributed. In addition, as the water passes through the filter, debris is captured for easy removal, reducing cloudy water.


The Filter is the first piece of equipment to receive the water from the pump. The filter strains the water and captures both large and small particles. A properly sized and operating filter is critical to keeping the water clean. As the filterable debris is collected on the surface of the filter, routine physical cleaning (backwashing and rinsing) is required. Good maintenance of the filter is essential and always involves two steps:

- Physical cleaning (backwashing and rinsing) to remove loose debris, performed weekly for effective filtration and circulation.
- Chemical cleaning to remove oils and stubborn, caked-on debris.


To maintain this operation active you should deal with an expert company in this field.


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