Structural Crack Pool Repair Service

If you have a residential or commercial pool, it's crucial to invest in swimming pool crack repair services. It’s important to avoid cracks appearing in your pool as it can cause permanent issues to your pool's structural integrity. ِ

Axon Pools offer a complete pool repair solution for structural cracks, chipping, holes, and corrosion, as well as surface deterioration caused by delamination.

There are many reasons why a hairline crack in pool structures can develop and require pool crack repair services. These range from concrete erosion and ground freezing and thawing to natural surface shifting.

Our pool technicians have extensive experience in fixing pool cracks and will quickly and efficiently diagnose faults and repair these using industry-recognized crack injection formulas that are tried and tested to offer superior, long-term results.

We are experts in pool leak repair solutions and if necessary, can also undertake pool resurfacing after your repair services are complete.

We can detect and repair structural damages on your Pool.
At Axon Pools, we use the latest leak detection equipment to quickly and efficiently isolate and repair any structural cracks that are damaging your pool's surface integrity.

Once we've isolated the leaks, we'll repair these using crack injection. Crack injection is the most cost-effective alternative for all types of structural crack repairs including:
Crack in pool plaster
Crack in concrete pool
Fiberglass pool crack repair

There are many advantages to using crack injections to fix leaks and surface cracks. It's a flexible, waterproof and non-invasive method to stop leaks without any digging or damage to your property, and it can be undertaken in both wet and dry conditions.

We are a concrete pool crack repair specialist and offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our crack repair and injection services.