Leak detection, and Rectification

Axon Swimming Pools LLC has invested in the latest leak detection technology to assist in pinpointing leaking underground pipework. We understand the stress and worry a leaking pool can produce, excessive water consumption, ground settlement caused by leaking water, however many leaks can be identified and repaired using a simple process.

Nearly 75% of pool leaks can be resolved within a couple of hours by simply checking the components and fittings that cause the most common leaks.
In order to accurately identify your leak, we undertake 3 main methods of leak detection.

Initial Site Survey and Inspection:
An initial site inspection enables us to gather information on your pool and discussing options that you can undertake yourself to narrow down the leak.

Pressure Testing of Pipework:
A swimming pool pressure test involves pressurizing the pipework lines including skimmers, main drains, water inlets and vac points with water, normally for a period of 15 – 20 mins. This allows us to identify pipe runs underground, under the plant room or behind the pool shell that is leaking. Each individual line is checked in turn and this test confirms the tightness of the pipework.

Listening Devices & Dyes:
Underground listening devices enable us to hear where the water is escaping
from the pool. Older pools may have several leaks from which water is escaping, listening devices make pinpointing leaks more accurate and keep invasive excavations to a minimum.
We also perform ultrasonic & dye testing to pinpoint certain leaks around fittings and to locate leaks in liners. We have a vast experience in detecting leaks on both domestic and commercial pools, as well as undertaking the rectification works.